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VENTS is the worldwide ventilation leader
This deserved status is confirmed by our partners’ and consumers’ acknowledgement worldwide, by more than 50 million units of manufactured and sold products and finally by the honourable membership in the largest worldwide HVAC associations.

VENTS is a powerful research, development and production enterprise that owns a largest state-of-the-art production facility in Europe and manufactures the full ventilation and air conditioning equipment range from simple to the most complicated product known as VENTS, Domovent, Plastivent, Aluvent, X-VENT, AirVENTS TM.

The VENTS product range includes above 10 000 items for residential and industrial ventilation, specially cut for different target audiences and various climatic areas.

The VENTS manufacturing facilities are located at more than 60 000 m2. Each of 16 workshops is tooled up in compliance with international standards to cover the fully-featured production cycle. The enterprise engages more than 2000 professionals. Their team work is aimed to provide ready ventilation products from idea and design development up to the ready high-tech product. VENTS ongoing development strategy is based on implementation of innovations and application of advanced technologies in climatic equipment.
Quality Policy
PJSC "VENTS" holds a leading position as a supplier of modular ventilation components that meet modern and perspective requirements and expectations of the Consumers, implementing the main slogan of the Company:

"A Step to Fresh Life"

The quality management system implemented and operating at the Company is aimed at continuous improvement of the Consumers` satisfaction, which is the main source of the Company financial incomes that ensure its stable development, constant production modernization through the latest equipment introduction and operation, the Company image formation as the best in its field, thus ensuring the connection of the Policy with the PJSC "VENTS" development strategy.

The Quality Management System of PJSC "VENTS" is based on the ISO 9001:2015 requirements and risk-oriented thinking, on a clear understanding of the Company's operation context, on the needs and expectations of the interested Parties and the following principles:

The product quality level is determined by the Consumer.

All employees are involved in the process of product quality formation.

The operations and resources management is based on a risk-oriented process approach.

Any kind of activity can and must be improved.

All the decisions are made only on the basis of the facts analysis.

Constant improvement of the skills and competences of the personnel, including quality management and lean production (LEAN).

Relations with the Suppliers are built on a mutually beneficial basis.

Adherence to professional standards.

Regular analysis and review of this Policy provisions.


Industrial fans workshop

VENTS rapidly develops the direction of industrial ventilation and produces a great variety of ventilation equipment for complex ventilation systems designed for various applications.

With modern equipment stock, high qualification and expertise of the VENTS team we can produce fans and ventilation components for round ducts from Ø 80 to 455 mm and rectangular ducts from 400x200 up to 1000x500 mm.

Duct filters, heaters, silencers as well as centrifugal, roof and inline fans, sound-insulated fans, fans with EC-motors – these products and many other industrial ventilation items meet the highest worldwide ventilation standards.
Energy saving
Use of high-efficient EC-motors that have energy demand up to 50% less as compared to standard motors with the same performance characteristics is the most advanced energy-saving solution from VENTS. The electricity bills are by 30% less with EC-motors!

Integration of variously designed heat exchangers into ventilation units with the purpose of utilization of extract air heat or cold for warming up of supply air is another energy-saving technology from VENTS.

VENTS equipment based on geothermal and solar energy sources is also a part of our energy-saving ventilation segment.
Due to inner technological normative documentation and thoroughly designed quality control system, VENTS products always meet the strictest quality and safety standards (CE) and are certified by the most reputable international certification institutes and organizations – TUV (Germany), PCBC (Poland), EVPU (Slovakia), Ukrtest (Ukraine), RosTest (Russia), AMCA (USA), HVI (USA), etc.
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